So I got officially diagnosed with the ADHD earlier this week! Currently on my third attempt to get drug tested for the medication :/

Urine, drugs 

Had a bit of "performance anxiety" but it went okay! Just need to wait for my psych to register the results with the department of health and I can fill my script!

@Mause You have to get drug tested? Especially interesting as stimulant meds can reduce the risk of drug abuse in people with ADHD.

@tim to clarify, the test is to ensure I'm not currently using any other stimulant medication, which might indicate that I'm "just faking it to get the drugs"

@leigh to be fair, the first failed because that place only did unsupervised urine tests, and the second failed because the person who did them had already gone home. The third succeeded hough!

@Mause literally not a thing you need to do at all in other states

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