I really do need to commission a Patreon signup => create Mastodon account ... function ... thing

Is this you that would develop this software thing?

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@aurynn I mean this is probably a thing I could hack together, but to do it confidently and feel comfortable having it run against your prod? 😬

@Mause How *do* you feel about putting software in prod? 😉

@Mause For serious though it's probably only a few API calls and a webhook ...

maybe ...



@aurynn haha I put things in prod all the time, but I'd care more about writing code that directly affects a friends income 😓

@aurynn but yeah, assuming patreon provides a webhook for this kind of thing, and an API to send messages with the join information? And mastodon has an appropriate API to create users

@Mause Patreon does, yes, and the Mastodon side would be an API request against the invite generation endpoint, I think?

Flow would be:
- Receive webhook call
- Generate invite URL
- Add a Patreon user note w/ invite URL
- Send message over Patreon w/ invite code

@aurynn sounds about right? If you're serious about this, I can have a look tonight if you want?

@Mause I would like this to exist, and would like to pay money for it to exist

@Mause (I'm now going like "oh no was it a mistake to use Patreon")

@aurynn I'm still more than happy to have a go though

@Mause Well this is clearly not ideal on Patreon's side.

Could you write up a quick thing about what you'd do, what you'd write it in, etc?

@aurynn well, what would best fit with your current architecture? I don't mind what I build it in

@Mause mastodon is written in Ruby, I’m most familiar with Python.

@Mause it’ll end up on something like a faas system

@aurynn Cool, I'll throw something together tomorrow evening (too late now)

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