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Mōrena and Malo e lelei! Kō Sara toku ingoa. This is my .

I’m pākehā and Tonga living in NZ.

I spent 12 years in the UK being a professional and spare-time musical saw player and organiser.

I’m a in . I’m also the Chair of , a charity that provides 24/7 support and counselling for anyone that has experienced rape or sexual abuse.

I have a very good . I like to go and do .

I can’t believe I get a scholarship to agonise about what the meaning of “community” is for 2 weeks. Honestly, going to uni and not being in debt is blowing my mind.

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Wellingtonians, do we have an LGTBQIA+ support group for alcoholics in the region that isn’t tied to any religion? Or does anyone have experience with the AA Rainbow group and can tell me how religious it is? My DMs are open to anyone for the next few days.

I am really enjoying doing my but I feel like I k is less now than when I started. Is that normal?

Reminder that all the "it's good to make less money, actually" and "company towns are good, actually" articles are just propaganda to prepare us for feudalism.

Because that's the end goal of an entire population who can't physically work enough hours to pay for rent. Scrip and company towns.

Ok. I think I am nearly done having conversations in my head about why I am right with the person who disagrees with me.

Well, my MH has taken a bit of a knock because I did a thing and some people didn’t like the thing and now I have to roll back the thing but the people who didn’t like the thing are still angry about the thing. The annoying thing is, I didn’t have to do the thing and I still think the thing I did was the right thing to do. Thanks brain.

A week into my and I have gone from thinking “gosh I am doing well” to reading a Mason Durie article and article and thinking I am a total fraud and never going to be able to write or think anything useful.

London bombings, LiveJournal 

17 years ago I was in London when four suicide attacks were carried out on the underground. I was working between Farringdon and Kings Cross. I was already at work when the news started coming through. All mobile phones service stopped. We tracked our friends’ safety using LiveJournal. I logged into and reread the comment threads. It was like being back there again in real-time.

At with my niece. Her first conference. I’ve spent years training her for lockpicking for hm this.

selfie / student life / PhD 

Picked up my student ID from the only uni building that looks like a wing of Gormenghast. Tomorrow morning I start my .

I’ve found a work friend who is also an atheist who has a big issue with all the Christianity at work. Hurrah! And I have booked a meeting with the Inclusion and Diversity team about it.


There are NZ opposition MPs out on social media celebrating the decision in the USA. Our opposition leader openly believes #Abortion is murder. It's mistake to think the next election is about tax cuts rather than full blown conservatism. This is a conversation we must have now


So, I have finished enrolling in uni, and all my fees have been paid for by my scholarship. This is the first time I have enrolled at uni and not ended up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. It feels incredible. Like I’m running a scam.

No one at Midnight Espresso was wearing a mask - no staff, no customers. People shouting orders over uncovered counter food. Turned around and left. My tolerance for pre-COVID behaviour is incredibly limited.

Finally got brave enough to complain to our inclusion and diversity team about the huge amount of Christian worship that I end up participating in at work.

I’ve registered for me and my niece to go to and I couldn’t be more excited to go full nerd with her.

Two days of conference ahead, meaning two days of conference coffees ahead. Wish my luck.

I’m using the colour printer! In this economy!

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