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I just told my partner that maybe rebooting her laptop would solve the issue.

I'm feeling the "Have you tried turning it off and on again" vibe

The Android USB Debugging Tool's logo is....

A P shaped thingy....

Talked to police today about the assault.

I'm shaking and upset, again.

If you store stuff in the cloud, you never know where said cloud will drift off to

Of course I talk to myself! Sometimes I need expert advice!

Nightmares. For 4 nights in a row now.

Fuck this shit.

My phone is telling me I should go to bed.

I need a new phone now, I think.... If it does that again.... I will probably sling it in to the sun or something.
Stop judging me you stupid piece of tech!

1. I went out for a walk
2. I walked in to a group of teenagers
3. At least one of the teenagers wore a pink top
4. Panicked and went home.

This is my life now, for now, it seems.

I'm literally shaking in fear.

All I did was go to the Courier Post office and Animates store...

Sometimes, I love my community.
This is one of those times!

I'd like to undo 2020. If I can't do the entire year, can I at least undo the last weekend of August?

Note that if you say yes, I will share quite some graphical footage with you.

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Any Wellington friends that might be able to help me and police identifying my attackers?

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