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End of 2021...
What did you do/buy/receive this year that made you happy?

I absolutely hate Christmas and/or excessive Christmas decorations. Sadly, I'm the only one thinking that way in this house

The xray did not make me the hulk or give me other superpowers. I'm disaplointed

Time to go and get shot with a shit tonne of gamma rays or something

In case you didn't know, you can use facemasks to make a long black.

I've been told they're coughy filters

They only build lighthouses on the coast, because the coastal grounds aren't strong enough for normal houses.

Where in Wellington can I buy some MQ sensors?

I really don't like the feeling of being shunned out of my own lounge because of the choice of tv show to watch 😢

I'm looking for a FOSS license that says basically:
- You can use this
- If you make modifications, you must do so in public (FOSS)
- If you make modifications, you must make a PR out of it, so it can be incorporated in my original work, if I feel it adds value

Couches and chairs at other people's homes are just always so much better than my own

Of course, taken with a shitty phone camera, so it's basically a dark dot in a dark sky, which is... ehm... yeah

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🎵 It's not easy to be a cow
We moo
We chew
And go on the barbecue too 🎶

"Apple plans to give customers the ability to repair their own devices"

How thoughtful of them... to let owners repair _*THEIR OWN PROPERTIES*_

Wohoo! I can legally drive in New Zealand again!

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