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Open sourced my LOI RSS Feeder, a quick and dirty build, but it works. Silverstripe framework, because that's what I had lying around.

My partner is making "French toast". Which, in Dutch, is (translated) called "Flipping bitch" or "Wallow bitch"

Covid, RSS 

Probably gonna OSS my feed hack thingy tomorrow. Currently, it's a mess :D


Got bored, made an RSS feed of the LOIs.

To filter by city, use "location=Wellington" (or your own city... but not much besides WLG and AKL)

WFH tip:
If, like me, you have Slack workspaces where you want to simply mark everything as read, open the workspace and hit [shift]+[esc]

I send a mail to a PO Box, and it came back with "Recipient does not live at given address"

Well, no shit Sherlock! Of course the recipient doesn't live in a PO Box

How can people send an email saying "no internet"?

Goodbye Tesla. I'll miss you even more now

Ugh, lost my Snapper card, but the snapper log-in is still down... so can't check, and have to block the card via an email form... I have low faith...

Wohoo! Yes! A bus driver enforcing face masks πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

From here on, it's not "hearing protection", it's "ear defenders"

Sometimes I feel like I'm absolutely nothing. Nothing more than a speck of dust.

But then, I look up at the stars, and realize...

I not only feel like I'm nothing. I also know for sure, I'm absolutely nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe.

- Keep your hands out of your mouth
- Do not cough or sneeze in the open
- Do not use a public towel or drinking cup
- Do not visit the sick or handle articles from the sick room

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- Avoid persons who sneeze or cough
- Do not neglect your mask
- Do not disregard the advice of a specialist _JUST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND_
- Do not disregard the rights of a community - obey cheerfully the rules issued by the authorities
- Do not think you are entitled to special privileges
- Do not go near other people if you have a cold or fever - you may expose them to the influenza and death. See the doctor
- Do not think it is impossible for you to get or transmit influenza

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Rules from 1918:
- Wear a mask
- Live a clean, healthy life
- Keep the pores open - that is bathe frequently
- Wash your hands before each meal
- Live in an abundance of fresh air, day and night
- Keep warm
- Get plenty of sleep
- Gargle frequently (and always after having been out) with a solution of salt in water
- Report early symptoms to the doctor at once
- Respect the quarantine regulations
- Avoid crowds. You can get the infuenza only by being near some one who is infected
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