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DIY Fly Trap ideas needed!
First one build, but I need more options :)

I think this masking tape on the light fixture has been here for at least longer than I've been in NZ....

Bad paint job, and leaving masking tape.... Sure, I'll clean up after you

Which side of a duck has the most feathers?

This carpet guy that just came to measure my old place seemed drunk as fuck.... or high as fuck.... I don't know which, but it was entertaining

Anyone, please, in Wellington Karori or CBD area, with a car, able to help me move some Banana boxes this afternoon?
I know it's late, but my "driver for the day" has hurt his back badly, so he's bed-bound, so I'm a bit in limbo, suddenly

I'm getting desperate for help on moving stuff :( Everybody is like "Nah, sorry, can't do today/this weekend" 😢
I don't blame them, I mean, this is a full on PIFF that I'm doing, right before Easter. But still, it's so stressful!

I work at Catalyst, but in the cloud now. So, I work at Catalyst Cloud?

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WE ARE FRIKKIN' MOVING! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! (Also, my new place is in the cloud)

That new Aston Martin Vantage car as Formula 1 Safety Car is a thing of beauty

Do not follow the official instructions to install Arduino IDE on Ubuntu.
It will break your Ubuntu installation. Badly.

Try organising moving 2 houses in to one, within a week. UGH it's quite some logistics

I only just found out, Sabine Schmitz died.
Let's not forget the woman, who would take over a Ferrari on the Nurnburg ring.... In a van. She's faster in a freakin' Ford Transit, than you lot (and myself, for that matter) can ever be in a freakin' Ferrari LaFerrari.


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