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I went on the bus through Brooklyn! I came home with my t-shirt soaking wet from all the sweating, but I did it!

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Heading towards bed but remind me to look up Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant and Landscaping Supply Store(?) in the morning. No reason

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Bank: We can't give you a mortgage of 1000 a fortnight, you can't afford it.
Me: Okay, I'll go back to paying 1200 a fortnight in rent then 😞

You can say what you want, but dang this is some awesome work by my lovely girlfriend (no, it's not for me, but I would almost be inclined to wear it myself)

I would really appreciate it, if I did not have to look at that smug face again

Decisions made at 5 in the morning, are never good.

Left: Minor surgery
Right: 8+ hours of tattooing
Three guesses which hurts more?

Did you know, spiders don't use muscles, but hydraulics, to move?

Ugh, please publish your salary range on your job ad?
Thanks, bye.

Brain? Hurts
Shoulder? Hurts
Leg? Hurts
I'm so broken 😢

Halfway through my surgery today, the surgeon said
"This thing really does not want to leave your body. But I have the upper hand, I have a scalpel"
Which was very reassuring she has a sense of humour.
Surgery took almost 3 times the estimated time to cut out the benign lump from my skin

The hatred I have for people consistently wanting to correct me.... is ironic

Which one is better?

That was quite a wobble. And it kept going. It woke me up :/

FYI, learning basic self-defence is absolutely worth it.
I would say, it's up there with understanding Spongebob memes.

It annoys me more than it should, that the end of a "do" statement in bash, is "done" and not "od"

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