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Ordering a new Hans t-shirt is always an ordeal. What do I exactly want? Do I want something on the front? etc.

He has given me more, than my biological parents combined, in the year~ish his YT channel exists

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This man is the best dad I've ever had.
And I've never met him in person.

One of those times, where I wish I just never existed. Where I wish I wasn't here. I hate my life, I hate my brain. Everything. Everything goes wrong, and my brain just goes "I'm not gonna remember this, you're on your own". I FUCKING HATE MYSELF.

So.... not only do vaccines cause autism, but also turns people gay???
JFC, the shit these people come up with

In French, a "Magic wand" is "Baguette Magique". And it's just brilliant. Can you imagine Harry Potter waving a baguette around?

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I really need to know this, so please boost for visibility:

Are there any people out there on the autistic spectrum that have found a format of living that works for them, that makes them happy?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally happy or content: do you have a routine, specific coping mechanism(s) or special life conditions that you recommend or feel privileged with? Did you feel happier after excluding some particular element of stress in some way?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally unhappy: do you think there could be a happy existence for you if society enabled it?

Any Wellington friends here interested in a Hackerspace?

I just saw a person on a scooter with Uber Eats on its backpack, race a person wearing a DeliverEasy backpack.

I guess, it's a race now, to feed people?

I think cloning is quite a problematic topic.
That makes two of us.

Did you know, the first French Fries were not cooked in France?

Why does Spotify randomly go in to "Radio" mode?
I have set you to repeat and randomise this playlist, not to give me other stuff I don't want to hear!

Suddenly horse
- Private slack group quote

Look, I'm not judging, but I don't think blind people should do skydiving.
It would scare the shit out of their guide dogs.

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