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Note, image is flipped. I do play right-handed ;)

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OMG OMG OMG LOOK AT IT! (not me, the guitar, it's a frikkin' Fender Dreadnought)

I spend at least a week, wondering why my speedtest results were capped at 100Mbps.

I'm on a temporary CAT5 (not CAT5E) cable....


Why is adulting so hard? Why is it not as simple as just not caring and go along with your life?

A Dutch friend of mine reminded me of the Dutch insult "Zak hooi", which translates to "Bag of hay". And it's a thing of beauty I forgot about

I just logged on to bird site.

Scrolled for 10 seconds.

I regret my decision of doing so.

Did you know, that when trying to debug something, it really helps if you put breakpoints in the project you're actually trying to debug?

Trust me, it might save you a day or two of confusion

Why do commanders tell their soldiers to fire at Will? Not at anyone else?


Telling me what to do, is also a poor life decision....

I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Why are some sites so popular, but a good, brand new idea of mine, just never takes off?

Is there any chance I would have a peaceful sleep?

Landlords: Haha, fuck you

Did you know that SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus?

As opposed to TUBA, which stands for Terrible Underwater Breathing Apparatus

I've not been on the bird site for over a week now, except for the occasional Direct Message.
I don't consider DM's the same as "being on the bird site" though.

I must say, it helps to cut that crap out.

Ohai panic attack. I totally needed you right now.

It's insane how the human body is able to repair it self.
Multiple weeks with a massive rip in my hand, not really working.
2 days of having a bandage that pulls the cut together, and the rip is almost gone...
Humans are weird.

. Also known as "Firesphere finally has some motivation to fix some of his stuff"

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