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Itching everywhere, unsurprising. Anyone have an idea on how to reduce the itching?

Why is "throwing road cones around" a national sport in New Zealand? Especially teenagers seem to be really in to it.

My forehead is itching, but I have no way to scratch it....

Sigh, bleh

Okay, I need another nap... according to medical professionals.

According to me, I could use a whiskey or two.


Give me your honest opinion, how does my eye look?
I think this might be the next big thing in face-fashion!

Carefully cleaning my face, only to discover my nose hurts like hell...

Should I give it a few because it's probably a bruise, or should I go back to ED?

Told someone not to smoke on the bus.
Said someone and his 13~ish friends didn't like that and followed me to the Brooky Brooklyn Bar to explain that.

Lost: My Sony headphones 😢

The best thing about having blank keycaps, is you can take one out, clean it, and replace it in almost any place, without worrying it'll be a problem

Have you seen my latest project yet? You totally should, especially if you like stickers!

I'm crying over reading a nice message from a friend.
I'm crying because a friend offered something nice to me.
I'm crying for no fucking reason at all.
I'm crying because my cat meowed at me.

Seriously, fuck my mental health, and I really hope you lot are doing better.

4 hours of troubleshooting
4 minutes of rebooting the machine.....

I got smacked on the shoulder by a Kaka....

I literally have so much cold in my home, that my fingers are not properly warmed by blood.

Sigh, I love NZ, but the housing here is fucked up beyond recognition

Every time I want to use an app on my phone, that's pinned to the bottom of my screen, I swipe back to the home screen regardless.
Am I the only one doing that?

NZ Govt is going HARD on smashing this fucking virus. And I'm happy to live in NZ.
Sure, things are getting a problematic, but they're doing what they can, IMO

I refuse to accept the word "tangy" as a real word. It's just something you NZ folks made up just to screw with my brain.

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