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Maori tattoo artist advice? I want my tattoo to be extended to roughly halfway down my lower arm, and fully wrap around my arm.
Must respect previous artists' work, obviously

So, I got new boots. I want to donate my old boots to someone that can't afford solid shoes.
Sure, my old ones are worn down a bit, but I'm pretty sure someone else has more need for it, than I do. What should I do? I'm not feeling like carrying them around 24/7 "just in case"

Wellington area

My phone is buzzing at me, without telling me why it's buzzing...

Also, guess what just got delivered...
New keyboard. DAS 4 Ultimate.
I might swap a few keys with my old DAS 3 Professional, because especially number keys on the top row, are a bit of a problem for me. And I think I can make it look artistic too!

I seriously hate Amazon's tracking system. It doesn't tell me anything of use about the status of the package.

is slow for everyone?
It seems to be performing like manure through a funnel, for some reason.

Goodnight cruel world. I'll talk to you tomorrow 😊

It's pretty easy to get me to go to the supermarket.

1. Make sure I'm out of coffee
2. Make sure Marika is out of cat food

That's all.

Does anyone have a trick to prevent shoelaces from untangling? Especially brand new ones?

I would like to just have a functional brain right now. Thanks.

I'm not sure, but I think I'm pretty suitable to be president of the USA. I mean, I'm washing a ton

Are you struggling with Easter, same as I do?
If you replace the t with an i, it becomes Easier.

Look, I admit, I often order take-away and have it delivered.
But Pizzeria Napoli just took it to another level.
They called me, because I accidentally selected "pick up" instead of "delivery". And without any problems or extra cost, they are going to deliver.
All because I made a mistake by not paying attention.

Stomach? Broken
Bowels? Broken
Brain? Broken
Health? Broken

Everything is broken 😢

Any other Autistic, depressed and overly anxious people here?

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I hate my life sometimes. Or maybe, most of the times.

Anthem of 2020? Suggestions please?
Mine is "Don't stand so close to me"

Did you know, when walking a dog, it looks at you intensely when it does a number two.

This is because it relies on you to stay alert and let it know if there's any threat coming.

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