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Is it normal to feel sick after every meal?

It's today, so I had a meat-free burger.
To be honest? I had to look twice, to be sure that the "meat" burger I thought I was tasting, was actually not meat.
"fake" meat is actually so tasty, I might just go and expand Monday to something way more serious. Because... Damn that "burger" was good!

Did you know I have a website where you can easily trade and request awesome stickers?
No? Well, now you do! is here to help you get that laptop covered in stickers!

Why should I rest in peace? Why don't you wish me to live in peace?

Why are keyboards so frikkin' expensive :/

The heater is on, and I'm still wearing 2 hoodies.
It's that cold inside.

With great power comes great chance of stealing bitcoins

Why do NZ landlords hate pets?
I mean, literally, having a pet as a tenant makes life better.... What on Earth is your problem landlords?

I am happy that I'm living in NZ now, but I need my residency, because until then, I can be deported for parking a car wrong 😢

Destiny "church" performing a haka, is such an insult to Kiwi culture :/

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I am not a kiwi, but this is just plain out fucked up.
> The protest finished with a haka.

Yesterday evening, WTF moment:
Some dude shouting at a woman "Pull up your skirt".

Queue woman crying, dude's friends all going "WTF Dude?" and people in the park running to get hotel security...

I get it neighbour, you have a leaf blower.

During lockdown, parcels where delivered to my front door just fine. Now that lockdown is over, NZPost has decided that my home is "unreachable".

Something in or near my home is buzzing at the exact frequency of my phone's vibration mode.

I'm being forced to check my phone now every few minutes, which is annoying as fuck

I really don't like my life, to be honest.

Goodnight y'all!

Seems that, whoever is using the leaf blower, is REALLY desparate to get each and every leaf out of the way.

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