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rm -rf sess_*
> ERROR: Argument list to long
Did you know bash expands * to all possible options, and thus make an rm call with hundreds of file/folder names?
I didn't

In the last 4 years, I've not experienced this cold weather in Wellington... It's actually properly cold this winter!

< What's your job?
> I'm a researcher
< Wasn't the original searcher good enough at searching?
> 😒

Will there ever not be a midnight party that keeps me awake at night?

When the day starts with a bleeding nose in the shower. 😫

Hey Wellington, what's the shooting for?

I farted louder than my soundbar. Ind it's bad. Real bad.

Living in New Zealand, means in winter, our homes are cold and damp.
The solution is, people in New Zealand need thicker skin and fur, then hibernate during the winter.
Like some kind of hybrid of humans, bears, and pigs

> Hi and welcome to BB&B, how can I help you?
< I would like a new pillow. Ow, and some showergel. And a bomb
> You mean a candle?
< Potato, Potato

Hi team. It's been a few days.
I would really appreciate if you could share the website with your peers, and maybe the associated Twitter account (StickertradeMe).
I want to emphasize, this is absolutely not for any other reason, than wanting to spread the love. I do not make any money of the site, and I made it for the love for stickers.
I have no advertising budget, but I want to bring people together.

I took my watch to the store, to have a new, higher quality, wrist band put on it. But I didn't notice they closed at 3 today. I feel so weird without my watch on my wrist.

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When someone comes to your door asking for money to save the rainforests, do you berate them for not paying attention to other types of forests, or do you recognise that domain-specific focuses often come with awareness of and contribute to solving larger scale problems?

My carpet is shedding.
Which is kinda weird

Is it a new mandate in Wellington, that all taller buildings must be boring grey??

Had my flu shot yesterday. Still feeling uncomfortable and a bit cold. I'll have to watch for what's happening there.

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