I could probably kill someone with this smell....

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If you want any confirmation about my status....


I mean, I don't want to scream, but holy crap it's bad.

Handbagged my twitter account and made it locked.

Haven't checked the account at all today.

It's.... a relieve. It's so much less noise!

Aaaaaaand I'm crying again.

My brain is weird 😢

One of the worst things about life is random panic attacks.

Is there any place where I can hide?

I would prefer somewhere that has no humans.

Fuck, life sucks. I guess I'm going to go to sleep and hope I survive it.

@aurynn I'm exploring EDMR with my therapist, if you have know an ACC approved EMDR therapist in Wellington CBD, let me know.
Because no way in hell am I getting on a bus any time soon 😢

Someone please explain to me why I'm randomly crying. Why I can't even human anymore, why I can't even think properly anymore. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't understand, I just can't process it.

@aurynn My logical brain: "Yay, Saturday, day off!"
My emotions: "Did you remember? That assault and robbery? Yeah, that happened on a Saturday, so here's a shit tonne of anxiety and stress and all. Ow yeah, I forgot, you also had to recall that whole event last Wednesday for Police, remember how stressful that was?
You're welcome."

Full on body shaking, because it's Saturday...

How's your life going?

There are students down in the park.

I'm now afraid to go outside.... FUCK YOU PTSD, FUCK YOU

A girl in a pink top just walked past my home.

I'm panicking.

Fuck this shit is painful and hard to deal with.

I just told my partner that maybe rebooting her laptop would solve the issue.

I'm feeling the "Have you tried turning it off and on again" vibe

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