@PetraOleum And I'm now somehow a garbage collector. Yeah... No fun, but at least I got a Pizza Stone out of it!

I just, literally, pulled a pizza stone out of my new back yard....
Like.... WTF?
Here's the stone. And all the other shit I pulled out of the garden.

@yojimbo @kyhwana I decided to generate a poster for my home office...

I mean, I check in there at least 10 times a day :D

DIY Fly Trap ideas needed!
First one build, but I need more options :)

I think this masking tape on the light fixture has been here for at least longer than I've been in NZ....

Bad paint job, and leaving masking tape.... Sure, I'll clean up after you

@kyhwana That's not fair. There are literally 3 days I did not go anywhere. So... I deserve stars for checking in nowhere, because I went nowhere.

@PetraOleum And then wait for updates to complete.
And then wait for it to restart.
And then wait for more updates.
And then recharge it because the updates take more power than the charging port can provide....

Which side of a duck has the most feathers?

@fincham I got them booked in for this Thu, but I'd like to have a bunch of personal stuff moved earlier.... like books, emotional items, etc. Because I'm basically living at my new place already at the moment.
Furniture is not worth much. It's the memories, I want to move sooner :)

This carpet guy that just came to measure my old place seemed drunk as fuck.... or high as fuck.... I don't know which, but it was entertaining

Anyone, please, in Wellington Karori or CBD area, with a car, able to help me move some Banana boxes this afternoon?
I know it's late, but my "driver for the day" has hurt his back badly, so he's bed-bound, so I'm a bit in limbo, suddenly

I'm getting desperate for help on moving stuff :( Everybody is like "Nah, sorry, can't do today/this weekend" 😢
I don't blame them, I mean, this is a full on PIFF that I'm doing, right before Easter. But still, it's so stressful!

strong opinion 

@kyhwana I'm not gay or trans, but I've seen enough to hate the hate speech coming from religions (I firmly call the "super conservative views" a religion in its own). I know, "hating hate" is kind of a weird way of saying it. I guess the tolerance of tolerance kinda thing?
I'm 99% sure that those that say "being gay will make you end up in hell" watches gay/lesbian pornography.

I work at Catalyst, but in the cloud now. So, I work at Catalyst Cloud?

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WE ARE FRIKKIN' MOVING! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! (Also, my new place is in the cloud)

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