Most people are shocked when they find out I'm a terrible electrician

Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly

@yojimbo The top coat of one of my APs had a dirty smudge. Trying to clean it with cleaning product only made it worse.
The only logical conclusion, to me, was to unscrew the thing and put it in the dishwasher (minus electronics).
And, it mostly worked even. Although I made a mess trying to dry the shell with a coffee-stained teatowel, so... I put it back in the dishwasher.

Ubiquity UniFi access point shells are dishwasher safe.
Note, the electronics bit is NOT dishwasher safe. Only the shell.

Today _WAS_ a good day.
Now for some R.E.M.

Damn I'm feeling quite shit from that shot yesterday :( And that was only my first.... Not looking forward to my sequel injection, tbh.

I'm at 1h post poke now, feeling nothaou.ka.pyadiadumicrosoftasonteisd

@dznz brain no worky, sounds like you're near a burn out. Take care of your brain, give it a nap if it wants 😊


> Location of community cases (total): Auckland 938 (3601 of whom have recovered);

I'm exhausted. No drop of energy left. What's wrong with me! (a lot, I know)

@aurynn Okay, okay.

/me sadly drags himself off the stage

Next time, I'll get everything on paper

@aurynn Are you.... booing me off the stage? 🀣

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