@ewenmcneill "According to 95% of participants, people like surveys"...

Come to think of it, nobody has conversations in real life anymore anyway

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If I unsubscribe from your newsletter, almost immediately sending me a "How likely would you recommend us to your friends" email, is NOT a good idea.
Also, you have to understand that it is very, very, very rare to randomly tell a friend to "use product X"... people don't have that kind of conversations in real life.

Does ATU have a Cloud Island account? ( @aurynn ? You might know?)

I stayed awake for a fucking cicada!
My monitor was making weird, electrical noises, or so I thought.
An hour and a half of trying to figure out where it was coming from, a small cicada flies from under the monitor stand.

Me: I have way too much shit
Also me: Let's order another cat tree, coffee machine cleaning stuff, and all that shit
Also also me: Fuck, my credit card is melting


@aurynn Biggest problem is the stress and the careful planning.
Second biggest is dealing with pencil chewers who don't accept it that the GP won't write anything specific down in terms of advice.
The latter is currently causing me more stress...


@aurynn Having a immunity disorder doesn't help either.
And yes, "joy" was in the most sarcastic way possible...


@aurynn Yes, isn't it a joy to hear all the doom news?


@aurynn Red as of 11.59PM. You don't need to know much more, I think?

Ugh, why is it not possible to find an ARMHF debian package for MongoDB 2.6??

@PetraOleum @xssfox I live right next to it, and have only been there once.
Or twice, if you count the time I walked up to the fence 🤣

@dznz I'm not even close (Welly), but I do have a large, almost empty, garage...

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