goers, lunch at macs brew bar? Look for Hans the cow

@aurynn remote "I really really hope you feel the way you deserve* soon" hug

* very awesome

Wordle 375 1/6


@kyhwana That argument...
< "You see a lot of crosses in our cemeteries"
> "Have you ever BEEN to a JEWISH cemetary?"
< "I don't think what they do there matters in this argument _about JEWISH soldiers not feeling honoured_"

I got suggested the "Borescope" add-on for Firefox. And ooohhh boy it's good

@aurynn They probably want to learn about web development from you

If I press those two buttons, do I get a baby, or can I wash a baby?

@aurynn It's not too bad. Come 'round for a bit of party if you like :D

Packaging: serve 6
Me: if you mean I need 6 of these to have a proper meal, then indeed

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