I'm fuming. I'm so angry, I'm scared of my own anger...

@aurynn At least it's nothing serious, it's only a bruise this time :)

@aurynn Wellington weather has blown me away tonight :/

It's earthquake or windquake time again :/

I was gonna make a joke about time travel, but you folks didn't seem to like it.

I feel literally more happy about Simone Giertz her proud parent machine, than I do about my own parents.
In case you care, my parents are shit. And it makes me cry a little bit, to see Adam Savage so happy about being the voice of the proud parent machine.

Why is outlook consistently blocking my emails? And of course, not tell me something useful in the return error?

@aurynn I'm absolutely not saying anything bad, I just found it quite funny it was used for my actual frikkin' BSc paperwork! :D

@aurynn Yeah, I heard that too. I never expected it to be on my actual BSc paperwork because of it! I don't even know why I never noticed before, and I don't care (I mean, if you really want, you can request the actual records and such). I did however, found it a bit funny!

I was going through some papers.
I'm not kidding.
My BSC scorecard and result for my defending of my findings etc..... is in Comic Sans.
Including a note from my mentor, explaining why. (tl;dr, my mentor was dyslectic)


She actually said yes, on the condition that I get my shit together

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I asked my girlfriend to marry me.
She said yes!
So, we went on to tell her parents.

Her mom and step-dad looked at me, then at each other, then back at me, repeat a few times.
Then, her stepdad said "You should've asked us first"

I'm just sitting here like.... yeah, but... you two are most definitively not my type, and already married ya know?

@kyhwana If anyone, I literally mean anyone, asks you this question, answer as honest as you feel comfortable. Round up or down or whatever, but don't put them in a bad spot. Be honest, tell them what you make. Your income is not something private. The more you talk about it, the more you can make sure others in the same role, get what they deserve (Or, maybe, you can get what _you_ deserve?)

@kyhwana To me, the question doesn't even have anything to do with gender. It just flat out sucks that the culture has come to "it's a private thing" :(

@kyhwana Ugh, I hate it so much, how companies try to make your salary something secret.
Like, I make 110k/year. Ask me about my job, and you can figure out if you're being paid fair or not.
Secrecy around salary has nothing to do with personal life. It's just company approach to ensure you don't have leverage.

We are going to die. And that, makes us the lucky ones. We are alive, only by a change that outgrows the number of sands in the Sahara.
Be grateful for what you got. Most people never get to live. There are scientists greater than Newton, that have never been born.
Yet, we are here. We are privileged fools. How dare we complain about our inevitable demise?

I just stubbed my toe.
Now I'm crying.
Not because of the pain or anything.
Pure emotional response to me fucking stubbing my toe.
My brain is so fucked up 😢

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