I really don't like my life, to be honest.

Goodnight y'all!

@aurynn I feel it's appropriate to add a "Curse you Gadget" gif here....

You win this time Aurynn. You win this time.

@aurynn Did I miss the opportunity to make a bad joke?


Seems that, whoever is using the leaf blower, is REALLY desparate to get each and every leaf out of the way.

Hi person with leaf blower.
Do you really, really, really have to keep it running full time, at the same place, for a full day?

Did you know you don't need guns to kill a lion?
Simply do this one trick hunters don't want you to know about:
killall -9 lion

Hello world. I'm off to have a nap. Goodnight world!

@LovesTha @beegrrl @aurynn @paul Nope, the rent, plus governmental support to pay for the rent, makes them profitable, to help them continue building more affordable housing, pay for repairs, etc.

@beegrrl @LovesTha @aurynn @paul Dutch pricing would be starting at 700NZD, but it would be a 3 bedroom, with kitchen, shower, toilet, etc. And there's "rental support". Generally, you'd pay a max of 30% of your income, even when on the benefit.

@LovesTha @beegrrl @aurynn @paul What you call "cheap stuff", is a 3-bedroom appartment, fully insulated, no "free access" for the landlords, full freedom to alter the place (unless structural changes, of course), central heating, etc.

@beegrrl @LovesTha @aurynn @paul There are hardly any landlords in the Netherlands. It's mostly owned by corporations that have to adhere to the law. And they don't exist to purely make money, they exist to provide affordable, proper housing.

@LovesTha @beegrrl @aurynn @paul Have a look at the Dutch system. It's fair, functional and housing standards are way higher.

@beegrrl @aurynn @paul Mine aren't bad, but I wouldn't say they're great. Although, the property managers are the worst imo.

@paul @aurynn If you own the place you live in, the heating is up to yourself. So that may be true. Rental however, is aweful.

Thanks @aurynn for getting the island back up in the cloud!

I lost my toot, but I'm glad Cloud Island is back!

@aurynn I could probably do it by bringing a bunch of friends from Europe...

But yeah, almost any option would be better and cheaper in the long run

@aurynn To be fair, it's pretty doable to get your home warm and dry in NZ.

It'll just cost you a few million, an arm, a leg, possibly your sanity, and very definitively your patience.

And probably, your job, because you're too busy fixing your home.

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