I just, literally, pulled a pizza stone out of my new back yard....
Like.... WTF?
Here's the stone. And all the other shit I pulled out of the garden.

WE ARE FRIKKIN' MOVING! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! (Also, my new place is in the cloud)

You can say what you want, but dang this is some awesome work by my lovely girlfriend (no, it's not for me, but I would almost be inclined to wear it myself)

Left: Minor surgery
Right: 8+ hours of tattooing
Three guesses which hurts more?

This is from the official Dutch government website....

Hi New Zealand friends! I made some images you can use at will, to remind people to scan the QR codes!

There is an important meeting happening in my bedroom. Theo and sebastion are discussing removing me from office, I think

Unrelated.... My neighbour was about to throw this beauty in the trash!
Say hello to my new "toy"

My pi-hole does not like itself, and thus blocks itself.... Because of a custom blacklisting, which is... empty.

I ❤️ goodies. Thank you so so much Michael, this is way more than I expected! Expect some Hans, HIBP and other stickers back soon!

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