If I press those two buttons, do I get a baby, or can I wash a baby?

More showing off of my project! An ISS flight over China (Hey, @fincham , some slacker told me you like the ISS videos?)
All running on a 3B+, smooooooth as butter heated too long in the microwave

AppleTV videos playing on my wall panel 3B, with captions for what I'm looking at.
Pretty happy with the result!
Had to scale down all the movies to 800x450px because the screen isn't bigger anyway, so no need for super high resolution.

I think MightyApe could be a bit more discreet about this...

Has my API become self-aware, after I had so much trouble with it?

I do think that this may have been a measurement error...

Anyone have any clue what this camera is, and how I can connect it to a csi camera interface

The one time I'm actually, sorta, prepared to pay for Sky Sport...
: :blobhaj_nomouth:

New coffee machine. A lot more compact than my old one.
And quieter
And not leaking
And functional steam wand (which I don't use, but it's nice)
And fancy lights around the buttons
And smaller water tank (boooo)

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