Sometimes, I love my community.
This is one of those times!


Give me your honest opinion, how does my eye look?
I think this might be the next big thing in face-fashion!

Told someone not to smoke on the bus.
Said someone and his 13~ish friends didn't like that and followed me to the Brooky Brooklyn Bar to explain that.

Lost: My Sony headphones 😢

Also, guess what just got delivered...
New keyboard. DAS 4 Ultimate.
I might swap a few keys with my old DAS 3 Professional, because especially number keys on the top row, are a bit of a problem for me. And I think I can make it look artistic too!

I seriously hate Amazon's tracking system. It doesn't tell me anything of use about the status of the package.

New shoes! Best moment? Near the St. Mary of the Angels, a random gym-buff-guy pointed at me shouting "Look at this dude wearing pink shoes"
Followed by an older lady (like, definitively in her 80's I'd say), walking out of the church, look at the guy and told him "You just shut up. Let him wear whatever he likes. I bet you don't even dare to come near a pink coloured shoe!"
Yep, queue complete silence from gym-dude.

> Hi and welcome to BB&B, how can I help you?
< I would like a new pillow. Ow, and some showergel. And a bomb
> You mean a candle?
< Potato, Potato

I'm not a watch collector or anything, but this Bamboo Timepieces is pretty cool if you ask me.

It's not much, but it's good coffee.
And included, my favourite coffee mug. I had it since I was 8

I can play cat photo games too! Here's Marika (right) in a _Board of Directors of Firesphere's home_ meeting with Theo (left)

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