Can someone please help me find something to wear to my wedding, that _IS NOT_ a suit?

I'm sorta jokingly tempted to get a T-Rex costume...

@Firesphere full length velvet gown? (Like university graduation length, but weddingify it. Maybe shimmery velvet?)

It’s probably special order but I think you have an inside line on special order wedding clothing…. 😃

@ewenmcneill I do have a special line... but I don't want the bride involved in my choice of clothing... so that complicates things a little bit :D

@Firesphere :-)

Could you… borrow said work equipment one evening or two? 🤔

(Gowns / Robes at least have somewhat simpler tailoring.)


@ewenmcneill I'm afraid I'll end up like a potato if I do that 😂 🤣

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