I did not become an adult to have these stupid boring bed sheets! Give me queen/king size sesame street!

@Firesphere I still have my Peanuts (single) bedsheets. Occasionally I am tempted to put them on the single bed in the spare room just because sometimes I want to be that inner child again. But the adult has concerns the 40+ yo material may just not handle me kicking and screaming 'why, why, why'.


@ibeardslee You can always buy new Peanuts sheets. I'd say, do it!

@ibeardslee Also, to be completely on the same page... You're scared a bedsheet designed for...
Children, kicking, screaming, scratching and biting because they _don't_ want to go to bed, can't deal with your 40+ kicking and screaming?
Most children are more determined than adults when it comes to the "kicking and screaming" part... :D

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