Achievements today:
- Got out of bed
- Did the dishes
- Emptied the kombucha bin
- Spilled kombucha liquid all over the garage floor
- Wiped the garage floor
That's enough for today

@Firesphere I went to town. Lost my wallet. Waiting for rust treatment to cure on old filling cabinet.
Ordered new drivers licence and debit card online.

@pearofdoom Ouch, good luck with the wallet thing. That's always a PITA when it happens.
On the plus side... a nice time to go and buy one of those Secrid mini-wallets? (I am totally not loving my Secrid wallet or anything 😁 )

@Firesphere ooooh secrid look nice. Well I managed to get nzta and kiwibank to mail me new cards. If I had tried to walk into a branch I would have needed photo ID 😆

@pearofdoom Haha... "Do you have photo ID?" > Ehhh, I tried to tell you that that is _the exact thing I just lost_

@Firesphere i got a call from the Wellington central police and someone handed it in!
Now I wish i didn't cancel my debit card 😆

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