I don’t recommend breaking the little plastic bit on your Sony headphones.

@Firesphere “fortunately” they’re not mine and the replacement part is “only” $15 if you ignore how annoying it is to install :P

@fincham Are you gonna make them water-proof, while at it? Because dang those XMs are rust attractors

@Firesphere interesting! What parts rust? Could maybe do with a light coating of silicone oil or something

@fincham In the manual it says that the device is "not water proof". Friends and colleagues have all seen corrosion on different parts, breaking charging, microphones, etc. "at random".
Claims of water damage because of sweating have also been reported.
I'm not exactly sure which parts... but from the sound of it... "every part that contains a metal" might be it.

@Firesphere I’ve definitely heard of them being water damaged as well. Having had it apart there isn’t much ingress protection for sure. Also more fragile than I’d like really. I’m going to baby mine even more now 😹


@fincham I'm on my second, although "getting them punched off your head and then stolen" probably doesn't count as "water damage"...

@Firesphere not sure id categorise those exactly the same no. I got some WF-1000XM4s recently which I’ve been using for out-and-about purposes and they’re supposedly slightly more resilient. The over-ears are pretty much just for the office now… and if I ever go in a plane again…

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