So, apparently, the Firefly Alpha rocket exploded. I don't understand why; it's basic rocket science. Pointy end goes on top, flamey end goes at the bottom.

@PetraOleum That's entirely depending on your definition of "top" and "bottom"... I can go all "I know physics" and talk about how top and bottom switch around when viewed from the perspective of gravity... but I won't. For sure though, if pointy end points to Earth surface, and flamey bottom points to the sky, then, from the Earth perspective, you're not going to space today.

@pearofdoom @Firesphere I was rather impressed it didn’t topple, kept going (sideways) and when the thrust to weight ratio allowed actually went up! I do hope it doesn’t put them off sharing it live too. Space is hard heh

@alex @Firesphere more than one of my kerbal rockets did exactly the same thing. It's so cool to see all the live launches

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