Anyone familiar with Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Linux and a Logitech MX Performance?
My mouse is "randomly" either double clicking, or not clicking at all... Quite annoying.

@Firesphere There's a tool called `xev` you can use to get a lower-level idea of what signals are being sent, but honestly I expect a mechanical issue. Do you have another machine to test it on?

@PetraOleum I can use the exact same machine, at the office. With the exact same mouse....

And not have the same problem.

This is not "day 1" of the problem... I'm... utterly and completely stumped as to what's going on!

@Firesphere is it wireless? because it could be intereference

@PetraOleum Absolutely not. I only use wireless for devices that are too much carried around.

Like... I don't know... if I could, I'd have my phone on a wired connection! (I don't, just to be sure :) )

@Firesphere then I have no ideas, sorry! That's very strange

@PetraOleum On the bright side... The view is amazing from here (that's a photo from a few days or so ago :) It's not that amazing when it's cloudy!)

@Firesphere there’s a tool called “ratslap” which I use to turn off all the extraneous functionality on my Logitech mice. Maybe it’s one of the side buttons or something?

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