Playstation: To connect to Playstation Online, please update your playstation via Playstation Online.
Playstation: To use Playstation Online, you will need a network connection
Playstation: Your Playstation is not up to date. Please update your Playstation, to enable network connectivity


@Firesphere So you're required to make an offline update via USB to connect to the interwebs?

@rohkostmett That's indeed literally what I had to end up doing.
Download update on laptop => transfer to USB => Boot PS in to recovery mode => Update PS => Yay interwebs works now...

Insanity, if you ask me!

Which Playstation has the issue, if you don't mind me asking?

@rohkostmett PS4, in my case.

Note, this is after moving house, and some power interruptions to my playstation. Which may have interfered with the update process.

None the less, the circular instructions are utterly stupid.

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