Autism is not a disability, it's a condition.
Depression is both.
Anxiety is both.
Loosing your leg, now, that's a disability, because you're not capable of your "normal" functioning anymore.
Same goes for any other condition, by the way.

@Firesphere I’m not sure of the context of this post, but losing a limb can come with all kinds of side effects too

@amyherself I just had a very lengthy discussion with my girlfriend about this.
My opinion, in very short, is the following:
- If you're born with it, it's a condition, that disables you from doing certain jobs
- It it happens to you (e.g., loose a limb in a car crash) it disables you from doing the job you had.

@amyherself Important to note, I do not see either of them as less, or more, worthy. I'm being semantic in my own head.

@amyherself The first toot means "disabled by birth, and therefore a condition"
The second one means "Disabled by circumstances", therefore, a errrr... circumstance

I do not, in any way, mean anything negative to disabled people, and everyone is free to disagre.
It's how I view it, from my autistic brain.

@Firesphere so is the tl;dr from this from your POV that anything from birth is a disability and anything acquired later is a condition?

@amyherself Other way around, and not the other way around at the same time

@Firesphere so TL;DR is maybe that anything you have to adjust to at some point is a disability and anything you were born with is a condition?

@amyherself That's not entirely what I meant, but you can see it that way I guess.

@Firesphere I’m not set to argue on this, being from neither category (other than shitty eyesight) but I feel like there’s maybe a lot to unpack here in terms of intentions and meanings and subtexts?

@amyherself I am born with autism. This is something I have had since birth, so it's a condition, I learnod to deal with.
A disability, in my thought, is something where you are disabled from doing what you did before something changed. And thus, indeed, need to learn to work with with you got.
I am, however, in _no way what so ever_, saying that people who I would say "are disabled" as less!

@Firesphere for sure, and I apologise if my tl;dr made it sound like I thought anything less, I’m just trying to understand what you mean, as much as I can

@amyherself No worries, I'm sadly aware, that my train of thought is often hard to fully understand as well :)

@amyherself I tried to put it as a positive. And that's pretty much all I can say about it.
If it didn't, I failed at getting my point across properly :)

@Firesphere eek! Noo! I was definitely not trying to make you feel bad, I was just curious about how you were separating things!!

@Firesphere and since you appeared to be, I was curious about why it was important, coz I dont know!!!

@Firesphere im so SO sorry if it came across as judgey or sassy that wasn’t my intention :(

@amyherself NOT AT ALL! Your questions were very valid and I am very happy to explain my thoughts if needed (although I'm bad at it usually, but that's not something for you to worry about)

@amyherself It was not coming across as judgey at all. I actually appreciate you asking for clarification!

@amyherself I did not see it as such, I only wanted to make sure you didn't think I had this massive plate of steel in front of my head :)

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