How safe is it to upgrade an server from 18.04LTS to 20.04LTS?

@Firesphere I have done a couple of machines, pretty much successful. The usual 'ok, so that is a different version' type bits of fun/update/config tweaks.

@ibeardslee I'm still not convinced. Servers should be cattle, not pets...

But I also don't want to redo all the config tweaks that I don't have documented/automated...

@Firesphere There is a lot of work making cattle out of servers.

Default configs changes as people/projects update and improve software. What may have been the best way to do something may no longer be the best way to do something. Configs and dependancies in PHP 4.x aren't the same in PHP 7.x etc.
Recommended ciphers change etc.

@ibeardslee I would put that more under maintenance than actual provisioning.

Although I think servers are between pets and cattle. They're not as easily replaced, but also not as connected to you :)

Hence it's why I'm asking, instead of just gonna go and jump in over the weekend! :D

@Firesphere Always going to be things that have to be done between OS version upgrades.

So just leap in and upgrade and get the maintenance of version changes done.

Maybe make a backup/copy of /etc
Do make notes of the questions that get asked with the upgrades, make a copy of the changes made.

And then sit back and don't worry about documenting changes until the next version comes out ;)

@ibeardslee I SFTP my /etc configs etc., as well as DB and contents daily to my distributed owncloud ;)

@ibeardslee No, OwnCloud. Why would I switch to NextCloud, if OwnCloud does the same?

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