I'm literally shaking in fear.

All I did was go to the Courier Post office and Animates store...

@Firesphere I’m with @aurynn here. PTSD is no fun times. Sorry you’re experiencing that. I had something similar after the “similar situation” I mentioned earlier.

I’m fairly sure in your situation (specific event, physical injury, out of your control) ACC would probably cover counseling. Looks like if they do cover it, it’s for up to 10 sessions. Which should really help.

Either way I highly recommend talking to someone who can help you unpack things a bit.

@ewenmcneill @aurynn I have counselling, yes. It's just... Sigh, I don't know how to put it, but it's hard and stressful

@Firesphere Yes. It is. Been there, done that :-(

I’m really glad to hear you’ve got counselling arranged already!

Sorry again that today was rough 💚

@ewenmcneill Unless you're the guy that punched me in the face for no reason, you should not be sorry! I really appreciate the thinking along and your attempts to help and support!

@Firesphere ‘twasn’t me g’vnr :-)

(“Sorry” as in it was rough when I went through it, and I wish others didn’t have to. Sadly it’s part of the process 😢 So “commiserations” is close to what I mean...)

@ewenmcneill I understood that, I'm using as dark humour as possible to deal with this shithole I'm in...

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