Told someone not to smoke on the bus.
Said someone and his 13~ish friends didn't like that and followed me to the Brooky Brooklyn Bar to explain that.

Lost: My Sony headphones 😢

@Firesphere oh dear :-(

I hope you recover quickly. And maybe there’s (security) camera footage that will let someone else find them “explain” to them that they should have stuck with words.

@ewenmcneill One bystander mentioned one of the girls in the group was a student of them...

@Firesphere that sounds like a helpful place for someone you to start looking.

Sorry this happened. And it seems particularly shocking for a Sunday morning.

@ewenmcneill It happened last night, I spend the night in hospital :/

@Firesphere ah. I guess that was a verbose “explanation” if they wanted to keep you overnight :-(

Saturday night drunks are an unwanted hazard 😕

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