Does anyone have a trick to prevent shoelaces from untangling? Especially brand new ones?

@Firesphere Apparently, hairspray. Something to do with making the surfaces slicker, and therefore less likely to tangle.

@yojimbo _UN_tangling, not tangling ;) I have the problem with brand new shoelaces, that they keep getting loose halfway through the day :/

@Firesphere Ah, lol. Then perhaps I can suggest "more hairspray", which may end up gluing things together in an unwelcome manner?

@Firesphere The real answer I suspect is to learn different knots, ones that are designed to cope.

I'd refer you to the fascinating ...

@yojimbo @Firesphere this would be my suggestion too: less likely to self-untie shoelace knots.

I got taught a simple double knot as a child, which I’ve used for decades with good success (rare to untie unless I step on a lace end).

Simple as in, feed loop through the gap twice at the final stage before pulling the knot tight. It seems to add just enough extra friction for most laces. But there are definitely even better advanced shoelace knots.

@Firesphere just tie the bows together again for a double knot?

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