New shoes! Best moment? Near the St. Mary of the Angels, a random gym-buff-guy pointed at me shouting "Look at this dude wearing pink shoes"
Followed by an older lady (like, definitively in her 80's I'd say), walking out of the church, look at the guy and told him "You just shut up. Let him wear whatever he likes. I bet you don't even dare to come near a pink coloured shoe!"
Yep, queue complete silence from gym-dude.


Second best moment, the saleswoman, doing everything she could to find me a fitting pair of these shoes, as they were "The female range" and she wasn't sure if she had a pair that would fit me. Kudos for not judging, not caring, but doing what she could to make me (her customer) happy!

@Firesphere ah yes the weird gendering of clothing :-/

It’s especially weird for clothing that is generally suitable for all bodies give or take slight scale up/down size differences. (At around European shoe size 42, which is typically the arbitrary pivot point chosen, I’m pretty aware just how arbitrary the gendering of shoes can be...)

@ewenmcneill A few years ago, I tried to buy new hiking boots from a different store. The salesperson attempted to convince me that the "female" sized shoes were not manly enough for me.
Needless to say, I did not buy anything from that store.
The store manager did apologise though, but still I'm uncomfortable going there.

@Firesphere @ewenmcneill Sometimes the women's clothes just have a better colour range.
I don't really like dark coloured wet weather gear, but the certainly come across some cases (looking at Macpac snow jackets) that the men's range is dark greens and blacks, the women's range are lighter/brighter colours.

@ibeardslee @Firesphere at times it’s hard to tell there is a “colour” “range” in the “M” clothing; as you’ve found “dark” is often the only choice there... and I too prefer brighter colours.

TBH grouping clothing by RGB colour (or maybe better HSL) would probably be more useful than the current system most shops use... :-)

@ewenmcneill @ibeardslee I recall getting my artistic Rainbow Dash shirt (I am not a brony, but I looove the artwork!).
A client looked at it and said "That's quite girly"
I did the final presentation wearing said shirt, just to make a point :D

@Firesphere yes, some store attendants are pretty terrible about handling anyone not following their idea of (society’s) “rules”.

I’m glad you had a better experience this time around! And got some nice looking shoes :-)

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