FYI, learning basic self-defence is absolutely worth it.
I would say, it's up there with understanding Spongebob memes.

It annoys me more than it should, that the end of a "do" statement in bash, is "done" and not "od"

Why does the inner diameter increase?
Well, a circular expansion is exponential.
Due to this, the metal in the inner circle, pushes harder to grow, than the outer diameter (and the metal in between).
When I first learned this, I was flabbergasted, but, if you think about it, it makes sense.

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The answer is B, the inner diameter will increase.

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Me: I'll have a coke and whisky
Bartender: Is Pepsi okay?
Me: Sure
Bartender: *Proceeds to pour Coca Cola and Pepsi in to a longdrink
Me: Not exactly what I imagined

Ow, hai, panic attacks. I've not missed you, but you are here I guess?

Am I stupid, or have people forgotten how to use a phone, and speaker is now the norm for some annoying reason

Hey all!
Are you using a Linux OS that uses the ibus interface for keyboard input?
And having trouble with macrons?
I help!

Quiz time!
You have a torus (basically, a ring) made of steel. Consistent all the way around.
When you heat the torus, will the inner diameter....
(Note, metal expands when you heat it.)

"Hey kids!"
It's not often a YouTube video makes me tear up. But just that one little sentence, does it for me. Every fucking time.

My ponytail is getting in the way. Please send help.

"Vaccines cause autism"
Despite that being a lie, I'd rather be autistic than dead.

It's the middle of summer, and I have to run my heater....
I'm not sure, but I think Wellington is a little bit broken....

Like, seriously Wellington?
You're at L2, but you just... don't give a shit?

I wish for an L4 lockdown, but only for those that are fucking this shit up.

It's seldomly the dog owner, that has to clean up the shit.
Chinese proverb (or actually, not Chinese, but Dutch, but whatevs)

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