If you don't know what "flying" means, then everything can be a UFO!

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Anything can be a UFO if you are bad at identifying flying objects

So, hockey... NZ vs. NL tonight...

It's gonna be a match that decides who's gonna sleep on the couch I guess? 😜 😆

>> "Details leak on S Pen Pro, a stylus that won’t damage the Z Fold 3’s display"
I don't think that such a "feature" should be the highlight of a fucking stylus.
> "oh, you don't want to damage your screen? That'll be 200$ extra"

Your second COVID-19 jab is a Sequel Injection.

@PetraOleum Is your Metlink thingy showing all the "cancelled"?

I am so going to be deported thanks to the C word and the mess at immigration around residency visas :/

Does anyone know how I can undo sun damage to white Lego parts?

"Healthy Homes" is a joke
- Rain pipe dripping on concrete next to the house, instead of in to the garden? That's a Healthy Homes violation.
- Rain literally being blown through cracks because windows can't be closed properly? Meh, it's fine.

How long does a depression usually last? I'm very lackluster last few days. Sucks, no fun in anything.

There's this show called "too hot to handle", and in all honesty? It's pretty interesting.

You can literally feel your IQ dropping while watching even for a brief moment.

Hello migraine. I did not ask for you to pop your head up. AGAIN.

It's that time again Wellington!

What should I do when my dehumidifier has its "defrost" light on?

Another one of those days where I don't even know why I got out of bed or out of the shower... It's COLD. ❄️❄️❄️

Me, filling up the dishwasher:
I've put a lot of pans in to this

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