Does anyone know if I can play European PSX games on a NZ console? (Or, in other words, are PSX games region locked?)

It's amazing how calming and relaxing a hot shower is.

w00t, Metlink integration with Home Assistant, now I don't have to go to the Metlink website to know for sure if my bus is cancelled or not.

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The longer you keep your phone the more lightly it would have tread the earth, so think twice when you want to buy a new phone. Do you really need a new phone? The truth is, the most #sustainable phone is the one you already own – so make it last. 🌍 📱


JFC, a javascript for a transparent gif??? Has the world gone mad???

Which way do you sort your emails?

Shout out to the people that don't know what the opposite of in is

Also, yes, I should probably put a heavier Pi in place. But it's just a Kiosk screen... And a temperature sensor... That shouldn't be too hard?

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RPi 2B+ Browser load:
Chromium-Browser (Debian packaged "Chromium") system load: 500%
Ungoogled-Chromium ( 150%

Still high, but... A LOT BETTER!

Coffee machine cleaning always takes forever :(

Today, I'm reminded as to why I hate crypto currencies

I am not an expert on drilling, but I am 99% sure, a drill bit should not look like this....

@PetraOleum Far fetched, but do you know of, or have, a Home Assistant card/sensor for your Metlink thingy?
If not, does your metlink thingy have a publicly accessible API?

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