The xray did not make me the hulk or give me other superpowers. I'm disaplointed

Time to go and get shot with a shit tonne of gamma rays or something

In case you didn't know, you can use facemasks to make a long black.

I've been told they're coughy filters

They only build lighthouses on the coast, because the coastal grounds aren't strong enough for normal houses.

Where in Wellington can I buy some MQ sensors?

I really don't like the feeling of being shunned out of my own lounge because of the choice of tv show to watch 😢

I'm looking for a FOSS license that says basically:
- You can use this
- If you make modifications, you must do so in public (FOSS)
- If you make modifications, you must make a PR out of it, so it can be incorporated in my original work, if I feel it adds value

Couches and chairs at other people's homes are just always so much better than my own

Of course, taken with a shitty phone camera, so it's basically a dark dot in a dark sky, which is... ehm... yeah

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🎵 It's not easy to be a cow
We moo
We chew
And go on the barbecue too 🎶

"Apple plans to give customers the ability to repair their own devices"

How thoughtful of them... to let owners repair _*THEIR OWN PROPERTIES*_

Wohoo! I can legally drive in New Zealand again!

New coffee machine. A lot more compact than my old one.
And quieter
And not leaking
And functional steam wand (which I don't use, but it's nice)
And fancy lights around the buttons
And smaller water tank (boooo)

Me, trying to plug (to be fixed) holes in the window seals.
Lorene: We are so connected to nature here, thanks to the big windows
Me: Yeah, a bit too connected, if you ask me.

Three letters, 1 phone call, 4 emails and 4 text messages makes me ponder... do I maybe have an appointment at the hospital this monday? 🤔

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