Anyone know what these specs on my capsicum and pepper plant leaves are?

New Whisky. Decision making process for this one:
- Hmmm, I'd like the Talisker 10
- Hey look, Talisker 8 Special Edition
- Okay, Talisker 8 it is

Cat is love, cat is life
When sadness come, cat get knife
Chase depressive thoughts away
When offered pats, cat say "sure, okay."
- Tenebreux on Slack

Packages from Ali Express are always a bit of a "Secret Santa to myself" situation.
Today I received a 3.5m long USB cable I ordered back in November

I completely forgot what I needed it for, but I guess I have a spare extra-long USB cable now

Glad I decided against buying a Roomba!

I'm thinking to start an ice cream store.
With a dog.
The dog will be named Scoop.
Scoop Dog

Please don't assume that if I say I want squeel, that I meant Jason

Why is my SystemD timer showing "N/A" on next run? Why is it not running?
I hate computers

It's a fun game, although a bit short.
And yes, I play on PlayStation, obviously...

I think I vacuumed half a swimming pool from the windows 🌊

The downside of not having a car, is finding a colleague that can drive you from/to home/work on those days you want to bring something big in to the office.

goers, lunch at macs brew bar? Look for Hans the cow

I got suggested the "Borescope" add-on for Firefox. And ooohhh boy it's good

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