First good night in 5 days. It's something, I guess.

Anyone who knows a non-library-based alternative to the jQuery-Chosen library?

Vanilla JS only, is my target.

Being more than 15-20 minutes away from my home is anxiety inducing now.

Thanks stupid brain!

A story from when I was a child:
I overheard my dad talking to my neighbour about "neuting" the stallion. My neighbour jokingly said "Just use two bricks and smack'm"
5 year old me proceeded to walk to the barn, grab two bricks on the way there, and smack the first horse I ran in to with full force on the side with the bricks.
Said horse did not like that.
And that is how I broke my collar bone.

I could probably kill someone with this smell....

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If you want any confirmation about my status....


I mean, I don't want to scream, but holy crap it's bad.

Handbagged my twitter account and made it locked.

Haven't checked the account at all today.

It's.... a relieve. It's so much less noise!

Aaaaaaand I'm crying again.

My brain is weird 😢

One of the worst things about life is random panic attacks.

Is there any place where I can hide?

I would prefer somewhere that has no humans.

Fuck, life sucks. I guess I'm going to go to sleep and hope I survive it.

Someone please explain to me why I'm randomly crying. Why I can't even human anymore, why I can't even think properly anymore. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't understand, I just can't process it.

Full on body shaking, because it's Saturday...

How's your life going?

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