If you don't want to talk to colleagues on the streets....
Here's a tip: Tell them you have an identical twin

What is justice even? Jail time never helps for a teenager. It only makes things worse... But I'm here suffering for 3 months and counting, and the offender is not showing any remorse.....

Random, extremely hilarious thing:
After my assault, the following things happened:
- I got contacted by a martial arts trainer, offering me free self-defence classes.
-- His name is Paul
- I got contacted by Victim Support
-- His name is Paul
- I got contacted by the Police Youth service representative
-- His name is Paul
- I got contacted by the Oranga Tamariki representative
-- His name is Paul

It's really easy to fly.
There are two options to learn to fly:
1. Fall, but miss Earth by diverting your attention
2. Fall, but move forward so fast, you keep on missing the Earth.

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me if me and my younger sister are twins, I'd have at least 100 pennies.

Which is kinda amazing, given we're three years apart....

Imagine a truck driver in court, being charged with driving through a red light, and by doing so, kill 3 pedestrians crossing the street.
That's what "I don't want to wear a facemask" is.
"I'm sorry judge, I didn't feel like stopping for the red light" is not really a strong argument, is it?

Ugh, now YouTube won't let me play videos on Kodi anymore. Which is annoying AF

Anyone else that has OpenELEC on a Raspberry pi, having trouble playing a small set of Youtube videos?
It seems to be a bit random

I just want to disappear.
I need kitty photos.

"Where people vote and they have to do it by vote day. So then you should have counted everything. Maybe chairs."

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"China Flu, you know, the China Flu, it affects us all, I refuse to call it. But the election went badly. Entirely unfair. Totally unfair. I was ahead and then I had to swim. The water was way wetter, thanks to my efforts. Like in Flint, you know Flint, right? It's doing greatly. Humoungously great. And that shows that the election was stolen from us. Because you know, ballets were being count after people were told to stop voting. And voting is a thing."

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I would like some feedback. I'm pondering on applying for the job as speechwriter for the current US president.
Any thoughts? (see reply)

Ohai panic attack. Totally needed you right now.

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