"Millenials are going to be the ones taking it for the team"

I heard
"The middle and lower people of working age are again the ones we screw"

Face asks are a great thing. Especially today in the cold and damp Wellington weather

I did not become an adult to have these stupid boring bed sheets! Give me queen/king size sesame street!

Earthquake? No
Ow, now or is!

My partner felt it coming

Ugh. Android has updated and it renamed "Files" to "My Files".
Besides it being stupid (they're not my phone's files, they are _MINE_), it also causes the icon to go below the fold in my menu, jumping from F to M down, which is just... unbearably annoying.

I have this Sphero BB-8, but its battery is dead.
Sphero says "Sucks to be you", which is a waste IMO. Anyone know how to safely replace a BB-8 Sphero battery?

A girl racer crashed just past my driveway.

I'm surprised this is the first time it happened in over a year. Car looks in pretty bad shape

I really wish I could be a useful human some day.

Someone explain to me why my TradeMe listing isn't showing up publicly?

Ow, and finally, also, you can find everything I did to get this working on my github!

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Here, you can also see the caption changing at the correct(~ish?) time, based on Apple's original timings for the captions...

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More showing off of my project! An ISS flight over China (Hey, @fincham , some slacker told me you like the ISS videos?)
All running on a 3B+, smooooooth as butter heated too long in the microwave

Repository for getting a similar thing going (minus the videos) can be found on my GitHub:

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AppleTV videos playing on my wall panel 3B, with captions for what I'm looking at.
Pretty happy with the result!
Had to scale down all the movies to 800x450px because the screen isn't bigger anyway, so no need for super high resolution.

Punch over TCP/IP, as a Service needs to be a thing.

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