Did you know you don't need guns to kill a lion?
Simply do this one trick hunters don't want you to know about:
killall -9 lion

Hello world. I'm off to have a nap. Goodnight world!

Thanks @aurynn for getting the island back up in the cloud!

I lost my toot, but I'm glad Cloud Island is back!

Nothing starts with an N and ends with a G.

Today, I found out my cat can talk

I was looking up Chinese history, and asked her if she knew who was responsible for the most deaths in human history.
She said "Mao"

Blegh, twitter is just a shit-hole, filled with shit above its treshhold.

I forgot my keys.
Unlocked my door using scissors and a coke bottle.
Unsure if I'm happy or concerned, as I now pretty much can unlock 80% of NZ homes with the same trick....

for me from now on.
I'm gonna try some vegan burgers on Monday from now on. And possibly expand it after

New white bags for CBD garbage collection... I'm not even through my pile of green ones!

I'm so demotivated, I can't even get myself to go to the supermarket to buy coffee.

The supermarket is less than 100 meters away from my home...

Non-members can give feedback as well, of course, but my main focus is the messaging system that's only for members :)

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I've been doing a lot of minor improvements to stickertrade.me

If you're a member, feedback is always welcome!

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