Got a full night sleep. Probably need one more of those before I feel like a normal human again.

My optometrist appointment is next Friday and honestly I probably shouldn't drive or cycle until I get new spectacles.

The Warehouse in Petone has added an EV charger. But its BYO power cable.


Secret ingredient is carrot. Makes a little bit of meat stretch a long way

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tories are all going: "i don't care about people in poverty cos I'm fine"

and then also: "omg the kids ram raiding shops have no regard for other people"


Wholesome. Might help my anemia.

Lamb cutlets. Mashed agria. Steamed vege. Red wine jus.

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I'm thinking mashed potato and some kind of green leafy stuff

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the bagels have been eaten (but half the dough is in the fridge for another batch tomorrow)

and I've put lamb cutlets in the sousvide for dinner - they need 3 hours.


Pretty happy with these nice fluffy but chewy bagels. They aren't a workout like the bagels at the supermarket.

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